T.R.I.G.G.E.R: The Story

True Reasons I Grabbed the Gun Evolved from Risks, produced by Straight to the Point Media, tells a story often overlooked from the shooter's point of view.

Although death by firearms in America is a public health crisis, we believe that our country is in a fixed state of acceptance of gun violence in urban cities. Legislators and community members accept gun violence as a societal norm for 

people of disadvantaged communities.  

Learn why the gun gives an invisible soul an invincible feeling.



Male, 14, Washington, DC

The trigger is pulled because of fear of getting got first.

Female, 15, Washington, DC

The trigger is pulled because it makes them feel as if they won.

Male, 11, Washington, DC

The trigger is pulled because the gun make you feel powerful.


What does it mean to GUNDERSTAND? Before your mind debates solutions, let your heart ponder the root of the problem. The True Reasons I Grabbed the Gun 

Evolved from Risks (T.R.I.G.G.E.R) Project 

will allow viewers the opportunity 

to achieve a real grasp of the nature, significance, and explanation 

of the individual and societal risk factors 

involved in day-to-day gun violence that 

impact urban communities.

Ending gun violence is not a one-fix solution. Ending gun violence 

requires a comprehensive approach at all levels of society. 

This solution begins with awareness; the American people, their 

elected officials, the victims of violence, 

and the media need to recognize that our cities are in crisis. 


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